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Ms in Telecommunications in Germany

Asked by aloksurve


Academic Background.
I completed my Diploma in Electronics and Tele-Communication scoring 85% in June 2008.Thereafter I have completed my B.E in Electronics and Tele-Communication (June 2011,results awaited) with an aggregate of 70% till Semester 7 from University of Mumbai.I took my GRE in July 2011 scoring 1060/1600..Between I was placed on campus in Vodafone as a trainee engineer in the network operations and currently working there.

I want to pursue Masters in Telecommunications.

Now I have a few questions.
1.I am thinking of applying for Fall 2013,collecting work experience in the relevant field for masters from Vodafone help in that case and how?
2.For admissions to Fall 2013 which is two years hence should I retake the GRE or the current score of 1060 will do?
3.I am open to admissions in any of these: Germany,Canada and USA.
Considering my academic background and work-ex what are the prospects for admissions to Ms and job opportunities post Ms?

I sincerely await your suggestions and recommendations.



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    Dipika JainThu, 18 Aug 2011 03:53:39 -0000

    Hello Alok,

    Though work experience is not a mandatory criteria while considering Masters degree or the US universities, it however, does add the extra edge to one�s profile. Also, despite the fact that the Graduate Record Examination-GRE scores are valid for a period of five years, since you have the time in hand, if convenient, I would recommend you plan a schedule and prepare to re take the test, if opting for locations where GRE is one of the vial evaluating criteria.

    However, if you are considering options in Germany as well, then the scores on GRE should not be much of worry since you will come across a good number universities that do not consider scores on GRE.

    You may try and consider the following university that might meet with your interest :

    National University Apply

    If interested in the program of the specified universities, we can assist you with the application proceedings the universities. All you have to do is click on 'Request more information' on the web page and our team will get back with necessary guidelines.

    You may have a word with our team as well with regard to the deadlines and for any further guidance to fill the forms or more information on the universities :

    Amit Wadhwa, Manager Counseling:; +91-9818566611

    Good luck!

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